Latest update on our plans

Our goal is to build a school in Haiti as soon as we can.  This is very important because it is believed that 80% of the schools in Haiti were damaged or destroyed during the earthquake.  Due to the continuing difficulties being experienced in Haiti, we have not been able to get everything in order to build a school this year.  Since we want to have our school ready at the beginning of a school year, we have decided to take our time to make sure we get everything right.  We are planning to break ground and start construction early next year so that our school will be ready to open in September 2011.  We have begun to assemble a construction team who is designing and preparing plans for our school.  We plan to have members of our Board travel to Haiti soon to push forward on the various legal issues that we need to address.   

What we need 

We continue to receive several inquiries per day from individuals who want to help.  Our main goal for this year is to raise money, spread the word about our plans and have everything in place to break ground early next year.  Many of you have volunteered to travel to Haiti, and we will definitely be in touch later this year or early next year as we begin planning construction trips. Our main need right now (unless you have considerable experience in engineering/design) is to raise money and to spread the word.  We have had a flyer and brochure prepared and we are working on t-shirts.  We would encourage you to be creative and come up with ways to raise money or even just let your friends and family know what we are doing.  We have had a 5th grade student raise more than $2500 in one week, various restaurant fundraisers (where a portion of the proceeds are donated), and many people who have just passed information on to their friends and family.  We are happy to help you with planning your own fundraising events.  We would also appreciate you providing links to our website in your email signatures and on your own website or blog.

Where does the money go

There have been many questions about the use of the large amounts of money that have been donated to various nonprofit organizations doing work in Haiti, and we know people are concerned about where their money is going.  We can guarantee that 100% of your money will go directly to the building of the school.  All of our overhead and other expenses of "doing business" are covered by our organization's founders.  In this way, your money can have the most impact possible, and go straight to touching the lives of these wonderfully resilient Haitian children.

One more thing

We have also been helping individual students attend school since 2006, and these students will continue to need help going to school.  In addition to donations to our school-building fund, we need donations to help these students stay in school.  We will continue to provide these students with tuition, uniforms, supplies, fees, etc. so they can stay in school.