Ottawa Fundraiser

Social Action Project Objectives

Approximately one year ago, one of the most densely populated and least developed countries in the Western Hemisphere was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Already struggling with poverty and violence, Haitians were left in a state of despair and complete disaster. Though it has been over a year ago, Haiti continues to struggle to regain its footing and rebuild what has been lost. Among that which has been lost includes the education system along with many of its teachers, students, building, school supplies, and overall foundation. Our social action plan is aimed at helping Haitians and Humanitarian organizations rebuild and strengthen the education system.

Our primary objective is to promote awareness about the continuing struggles Haitians face with regards to rebuilding their education system. As part of this objective we will focus on communicating the reasons why Haitians continue to struggle to restore basic education in their country and why it is an important part of the recovery efforts. The information conveyed will be based on reliable and current facts. Having reliable information is key as it will demonstrate that our research is credible. In addition it will highlight that though the earthquake took place approximately a year ago, support is still needed.

To deliver this information, we assume the best approach is to organize an awareness campaign one the first floor of the Lamoureux building. The campaign will serve two distinct purposes. Firstly, it will convey important information about the continuing struggles Haitians face in terms of access to education. By holding the campaign in the Education building, at the University of Ottawa, we also target an audience striving to become educators and will have a comprehensive understanding of the implications limited access to education can have especially for those already struggling with poverty, political warfare and violence. As part of the awareness campaign we anticipate being able to pass out flyers/pamphlets either ones we have created ourselves or flyers from humanitarian organizations equally concerned with Haitians’ education. The information provided in these flyers will include the current dilemmas Haitians face in terms of access to education, the impact on Haitian children and the overall population, the ways in which people can help and useful links to websites and organizations equally concerned with rebuilding Haitian’s education system.